Moon Units, written by composer and violinist Pauline Kim Harris, is a set of 13 miniatures based on different full moons. We commissioned Pauline in 2019 and received the finished piece in April 2020, right after our world changed due to COVID-19. As the pandemic will undoubtedly affect the arts and live performance for quite some time, we have decided to digitally premiere the piece instead of waiting for a live premiere opportunity.

We will release Moon Units one movement at a time, on the date of each corresponding full moon, from August 3rd 2020 to July 24th, 2021. The recordings are mixed and mastered by Kevin Ramsay and paired with video art by Adrianne. We’re so thrilled about this collaboration with Pauline and Kevin, and excited for the opportunity to explore more of Adrianne’s art (fun fact: did you know she made our logo?) We can’t wait to share these with you!